Paleo Diet Struggles

16 Nov

It has been a few days so far and already the Paleo diet has been a struggle. I have been sticking to it but it is amazing how much food is not paleo until you cut it out. 

During my long work days, and with grad school at night, it is so easy to get off track. I think my biggest issue with Paleo is the lack of easy, satisfying snacks. I have been researching recipes to try and make things easier, but Paleo is definitely not an on the go diet.

There is really nothing easier than slapping some protein, and some veggies in between 2 pieces of bread. The sandwich is the perfect food for a busy lifestyle, and they are one of my favorite things. It is tough to go with out it.

There are also just so many tempting things in my area that do not align with my paleo ambitions. One in particular, beer. If you are doing the paleo diet as a crash diet, then cheating will not be helpful. However, if you are trying to convert to a paleo lifestyle, allowing yourself cheat meals is a great way to indulge, healthily, without getting too off track. For me, I was eating too many grains in general. The change to paleo was more about trying to fix my eating habits, than getting off of grains completely. So now if I cheat and have a sandwich, I make sure that I am strictly paleo the rest of the day. This has helped me stay on track without driving me crazy about having an indulgent meal.

Although its been a struggle, it has been rewarding. I am feeling better and maintaining my goal weight range. Allowing a cheat meal here or there, or even just a cheat ingredient (Cheese anyone?) I have allowed my self to maintain the paleo diet longer than if it was a crash course. In this way it has been a success.


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